Lakeland Real Estate Housing Report for August 2009

Lakeland real estate sales activity decreased for August, there were 166 homes sold down 12% from the previous month of 188. While prices are also lagging behind the numbers from last year, home sales increased by 27% from August 2008 in Lakeland, Florida. While the median prices held steady for […] Read more »

Lakeland FL Homes for Sale – Bi-weekly Update on New Listings 08/24/09-09/06/09

Bi-weekly update for the Lakeland real estate market! Currently, there are 1933 homes for sale throughout Lakeland – as of 09/10/09. The homes newly listed for sale decreased from two weeks ago to 127 homes in Lakeland with an average sales price of $160,907 or $84.66 per square foot with […] Read more »

Beware of Lakeland Florida Real Estate Foreclosure Scam Artists

First of all, I am not an attorney and therefore this blog is for your information only. If you are facing foreclosure for your Lakeland Real Estate, beware that foreclosure scam artists preying on you. It is important that you seek an attorney, who specializes in foreclosure. What is Foreclosure? […] Read more »