How To Sell Your Lakeland Fl Home If You Have Pets

How To Sell Your Lakeland Fl Home If You Have Pets

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Pets & Selling your Lakeland FL home

If you are putting up your Lakeland Fl home for sale and are living with pets, you need to consider that although almost everyone loves pets, homebuyers do not. It may be hard to imagine people with negative attitudes towards your furry friends, but this is just the reality of when selling a home.

Why do most home buyers steer away from homes with pets? Here are some reasons:

  • Pets, especially dogs, instill fear in most people.

  • They think your pets may bite, vomit, chew, claw, and pretty much have ruined some parts of the home.

  • Some buyers do not have experience with pets and may feel uncomfortable around them.

If you want to sell your home for top dollar, then you must take some steps if you have pets living in your home.

1. Move your pets away to another place while your home is on the market. Simply moving them to the garage, backyard, or to another room will not do. Arrange for a relative, friend or neighbor to take care of them while your home is listed or board them at a kennel. It may be a difficult move on your part, but the sacrifice will be worth it. Having a pet around your Lakeland Fl home for sale during showings could turn off potential buyers.

2. If moving your pet is not possible or you simply could not live a day without your pets, then try to minimize the nuisance factors as much as possible.

  • Keep cat litter boxes and dog potty pads clean and out of sight to avoid buyers getting turned off by stinky pet odors.

  • Have your carpets and floor pet stains professionally cleaned. If your buyers see these tell-tale signs of pet stains, they may also have negative opinions about the rest of your Lakeland Fl home for sale. If the stains are impossible to remove, just remove the carpet and replace it.

  • For strong pet odors and smells like cat urine (which is the worst), do not use air fresheners as some buyers might be allergic to them. Try enzyme cleaners instead or hire a professional ozone company.

  • Although state law may require you to disclose that you had pets living in your home, you don’t need to advertise this to your buyers. Remove all signs that you have a pet to avoid giving buyers a negative first impression. Remove any photos, seal all doggie doors, store away food and water bowls, remove pet toys and paraphernalia, and pack up and store all pet cages and carriers.

If you are showing your Lakeland Fl home for sale with your pets in it, make sure to pet your pets in a carrier with a note attached warning buyers to not disturb the pets. You can’t predict how your pet will react to your buyers, so better to be safe than sorry.


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