Top Architectural Styles of Lakeland 55+ Communities Real Estate

Viewing various Lakeland 55+ communities real estate is almost similar to a quick course on architectural styles. These properties are like exhibits of such styles each one having their own personality as well. The diversity of architectural styles in an area also has a lot to say about the history of that area. Lakeland is a place rich in history and culture as well. The variety of homes that are offered here is a display of interesting reflections of influences from different cultures and different modern-day inspirations. Here are some of the top architectural styles you’ll find in Lakeland.

Check out these top Lakeland 55+ communities home styles.


Stucco finishes are among the most noticeable features of Mediterranean style homes. These styles are basically have influences coming from Italy, Portugal and other Mediterranean cultures. Mediterranean is essentially a combination of various influences which are identifiable also by their courtyards and red tiled roofs. There is also the occasional arches and wooden components such as the door.


If you go on a field trip with your Lakeland 55+ communities real estate broker to get a better idea of your options in town, you’re sure to notice the contemporary style homes too. Contemporary designs also play on traditional styles transforming them into what is considered as contemporary. There’s plenty of lines and angles. There is also a lot of thought put into the materials of contemporary homes. More sustainable materials are incorporated and design techniques that allow more natural light and air to flow freely within these homes.

American Foursquare

If you’re asking for traditional styles from your Lakeland FL real estate broker, the American Foursquare might be something you’d be interested in. Easily identifiable by its box-type features, this is an architectural style you just might love. Inside you’ll instantly know which area was designed to be the living room, the kitchen, the dining room and so on. It’s like every part of the room was carefully designed for a specific purpose which makes interior design decisions easier too.

You’ll be delighted at the sight of the wonderful options you have around Lakeland 55+ communities real estate.

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