5 Investment Furniture Pieces for Your Grasslands Lakeland FL Home

Ready to purchase your very first investment furniture piece? Should it be the $7,000 Ralph Lauren dresser or the $5,000 Bloomingdale’s Palisades bookcase? Design experts agree that while it isn’t necessary to furnish your Grasslands Lakeland FL home with investment pieces now, you should still try to pace yourself and decide what to buy for later.

Here are the furniture pieces you should prioritize in for your Grasslands Lakeland FL home.

When it comes to buying furniture, remember to consider the quality of the item over its price tag. No matter how expensive one thing can be, if it’s a multi-purpose, timeless piece which you can use for years on end, then go ahead. But what do you buy for now and what do you save up for later? Here are the top 5 furniture pieces to invest in:

  1. Bed frame and mattress.

“What’s a home without a bed?” One of the very first things to purchase for your home is the one where you spend most of your time in. Choose a well-built bed frame and decide whether you’re more into a modern, rustic iron, or wooden frame. As for mattresses, splurge on one that is the perfect mix of support and comfort. There’s nothing like going to your home in Grasslands Lakeland FL after a long tiring day and feeling well rested even after just a nap – this is what a sturdy bed frame and perfect mattress can give you.

  1. Sofa.

Apart from your bed, another piece of furniture that gets used most in the house is the living room sofa. Like in the bedroom, this furniture is directly related to rest and relaxation, making it a must to invest in a high-quality one.

  1. Dining table and chairs.

The reality is that you, and your family, eats at the dining table at least once a day. If you’re one to host parties, you want a dining table set that is not prone to regular wear and tear. Depending on the overall design of your Grasslands Lakeland FL house, pick a sturdy dining room set that can act as a place to eat, work, and entertain. Check out auction shops and outlet sections of home decor stores to score deals.

  1. Lighting.

The light in any room of the house is essential in dictating the mood of the place. Make sure that each of your rooms have multiple sources of lighting – floor lamps, overhead lighting, table lamps, and more. Invest in unique lamps that can help add to the overall aesthetic of the room.

  1. Desk.

Whether you have a big home office or a small space in the bedroom for a work desk, make sure to invest in a desk that’s sturdy enough to hold all your bills, computers, and books in place. You can also hide unsightly wires and cables by having a tailor-made table skirt. Just make sure that the color and type of fabric match the interior design of your house in Grasslands Lakeland FL.

You don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet when purchasing furniture for your home. Remember to always keep your eyes peeled and be on the lookout for furniture store end of season sales and holiday price offs.

Just like most homes in Grasslands Lakeland FL, it’s important to invest in good, quality furniture pieces that can last for decades. Check out http://www.LakelandFloridaLiving.com for ideas on home decoration and design, market trends, real estate news, and more.

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