Housing Market Growing Stronger: Now Is The Best Time To Buy Lakeland Fl Homes

Lakeland Fl real estate broker

Buying homes in Lakeland FL is a great investment

Now is the perfect time to buy that Lakeland Fl home. 2012 has been a strong year for the real estate market, with continuous improvement and steady increase in home sales.

Home sales in the national level has risen to an all-time high in 2 years just last September. According to the Census Bureau, the annual rate of new homes sold in September was 389,000 homes, which was 5.7% higher than August’s 368,000 homes sold. The country has never experienced this increase in home sales since April 2010, when home sales were being boosted by the short-term homebuyer’s tax credit.

Some of the factors that led to the recovery of the housing market are the decrease in mortgage rates due to the Federal Reserve’s decision to purchase mortgages worth $40 billion to restart the growth of the economy. The low rates led to more affordable home prices, along with the previous weak home sales.

Florida was one of the most affected areas when the housing market went down, but lately there have been lots of improvement in Lakeland Fl home sales over the past few months. Prices on homes in Fl have increased, and new construction has been steadily growing, leading to an increase in Lakeland Fl home sales.

Within the past few months I have seen multiple offers on homes that are priced right.  If you are serious about buying, a good resource for home buying is my Lakeland FL homes for sale site geared to provide you with the best information on the real estate market, school information, shopping and more.

Lakeland FL has been recently ranked 4th by CNN Money Magazine in affordability of home buying.

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