Holiday Selling Tips for Your Lakeland Fl Home

Happy New Year! The holiday season is a very busy time with families traveling to visit relatives and friends, children coming home from school, and everyone just going through the holiday rush. Lakeland Fl home sellers could find this a challenging time to make a sale, balancing their time for… Read more »

How Much Can You Afford on Your Lakeland Fl Home?

If you are preparing to buy a new Lakeland Fl home, now is the best time to buy. With historically low 30-year fixed interest rates of 3-4%, buying a home now would be an excellent decision. Homes are also at their most affordable at present since Lakeland Fl home values… Read more »

Why It’s Cheaper To Buy Than Rent A Lakeland Fl Home

If you are still on the fence when it comes to renting or buying a Lakeland Fl Home, a new report from Trulia states buying a home is actually going to save you more money than renting.  You may think this is not possible with the rising home prices, but the numbers will tell… Read more »

Is It Time to Lower the Selling Price of Your Home in Lakeland FL?

Wrong pricing means overpricing since you definitely won’t hear buyers complaining if you happen to be selling your home in Lakeland FL for a dirt cheap price. In order to figure out if you have overpriced your home or there’s something else to blame, ask yourself the following questions. How many… Read more »

What Does Seller’s Remorse Mean for Homeowners in Lakeland FL?

If you have a house in Lakeland FL that you wish to sell, it is very important that you ascertain yourself with something you want to do. Seller’s remorse is basically equivalent to homeowners getting cold feet about parting ways with their homes. This is especially bad if you have… Read more »

Lakeland FL Homes for Sale – Tips on Staging

When selling your home in Lakeland Florida, it’s very important that you try to see your house as a grand stage that’s meant to impress or at least to create the ideal impression on potential homebuyers. To help you get started, here are some tips that will enable you to… Read more »

Are You Prepared to Sell Your Lakeland Florida House?

Preparing to sell your house in Lakeland Florida won’t come easy – especially if it’s a home you lived for many, many years – raised your children, and perhaps your grandchildren.  Also, preparing for this task can’t be accomplished overnight. There are several factors – or facets – involved, and… Read more »