Best Tips to Declutter Your Carillon Lakes Community Home Walk-in Closet

Do you find yourself constantly losing a valuable amount of time just rummaging through your closet just to find clothes to wear for the work day ahead? It might have been a relief to have all the space from a walk-in closet when you were moving to your Carillon Lakes community home for sale, however, weeks and months have passed and it’s now just a hodgepodge of clothes, shoes, and more.

Follow these stress-free ways to organize your Carillon Lakes community home's walk-in closets.

How can you organize your walk-in closet? Here are some helpful decluttering tips you can try:

Plan your declutter strategy. Assess your situation. What’s the biggest problem you have in your current closet situation – your shoes are overtaking the space or you have too many clothes strewn all over the space? Determine what your biggest problem is and start from there. Ask yourself just how much time you can allot to clean your closet? Plot your schedule and budget for cleaning as well – do you need new hangers, do you need additional racks, etc.

Take everything out and sort them into piles. When you have reached the time and date you have scheduled for closet decluttering, start by taking everything out of the walk-in closet of your Carillon Lakes community home sort it into three piles: Keep, Throw, Donate. For the keep pile, segregate the clothes by season or use. Every season, donate or sell any item that you haven’t used for at least three months.

Start organizing. Get ready to put all the items in your keep pile back into the closet. Search online for closet inspiration photos and determine how you would want to store your clothes and accessories. Depending on your closet space, store everything by sections – first by type then by color. Install shelves for folded sweaters. Install racks for your bags. Keep your shoes off the floor by putting them up in their own racks as well.

Running out of space in the walk-in closet of your house in Carillon Lakes community is a real dilemma that most homeowners face. However, getting out of this situation is not as challenging as the what it’s made up to be. By simply following the tips above, you’ll soon find yourself with a beautiful, clean, and clutter-free walk-in closet.

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