Hire An Experienced Lakeland Buyer’s Agent

Hire a Local Lakeland Real Estate Pro to Make Your Purchase a Dream!

I have written about setting priorities when it comes to Lakeland, Florida Real Estate. I have been working with a young family looking for a home, and I’ve shown them numerous homes that were within their price range and style; recognizing that it would be an opportune time to buy.

Buying a home is not my decision to make and I will pressure nobody to buy any particular home at any price I show; however, I’m here to counsel my buyers about pricing, location and the potential ability the property may or may not have. Still, the young family is torn in their decision to buy a home and have yet to make a serious offer.

Buyers search endless hours on the internet for their dream home at a bargain price. When they do find their dream home they become very exuberant about buying their home signing the purchase contract only to rescind the next day because of fear. Given the economic crisis, job security, high gas prices, and turmoil on Wall Street – these are all contributing factor causing insomnia to many confident home buyers.

For real estate professionals, it is intricate to estimate home values today, it is even more complicated to predict the value of real estate in the future. Nevertheless, buyers who purchase their homes at rock bottom price in well established communities will see their homes appreciate over time. This simple statement by Warren Buffett applies not only in the stock market; it also applies in the real estate market: “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.” In today’s Buyers Market – bad news is good news; it lets you buy a slice of America’s dream at a much discounted price.

If you are seriously considering buying a home, let me give you a few suggestions:

  • Purchase your Lakeland home with your eyes wide open, ignoring the negative atmosphere of news reports.
  • Obtain every solid piece of information about your next home, your neighborhood, your community.
  • Re-examine you reasoning in purchasing your home.
  • Delaying a home purchase due to instability in the housing market could mean lost opportunity for you.
  • Don’t let the abundance or lack of inventory find yourself confused by the choices – Lakeland Realtor® that can help you clarify your choices and bring it back into your perspective.
  • More importantly now for you is to hire a Lakeland mortgage broker or banker, who will work with you to obtain all necessary documents to get a loan approval to be a strong buyer.