Top Five Things To Do With Your Grandkids Around Lakeland FL

Top Five Things To Do With Grandkids Around Lakeland Florida

Summer vacation, Spring break, Thanksgiving break, Winter break…. What do they all have in common? It is the time to spend with Grandkids! Whether your grandkids are young or on the verge of becoming adults, as grandparents we cannot wait to see those faces, which always brings a smile to our hearts. I’m always delighted to spend time with my grandkids when they come to visit us in Lakeland Florida. However, the dilemma I face is what can I do to entertain them. Sure we live in the Sunshine State and there is always Disney, Universal, and Busch Gardens however with a tight budget, trips out of town are not always attainable. So what is it we can do with our grandkids right here in Lakeland?

Here is my top five things to do with your grandkids around Lakeland Florida:

Common Ground

There are ample parks around Lakeland. Common Ground Park is located on Edgewood Drive and has received numerous praises for its innovative ideas. This park is a haven where children of all abilities can socialize and play right next to each other. It is a park where children who may not normally get to play in your average playground because of an unleveled or less than solid ground can move around the different obstacles without the worry of footing.

Sunflower PlaygroundWe have Barnett Park, which is situated next to the beautiful Lake Mirror. With its great central location in Lakeland it is easily and quickly accessible to people from all parts of town. Lakeland has essentially in one area three different parks including a small water park to enjoy during those hot summer days. There is an area for older kids to climb and swing. The third area for preschoolers is called Sunflower Preschool Park. A Playground modeled off of Common Ground Park. It is geared toward the 2-5 year old age range. It was developed after parents realized the toys at Barnett Park were geared more toward their older kids, which left the little ones with nothing to truly entertain themselves.

Downtown Lakeland is always a fun

place to go especially during First Fridays. For the little ones stop by Explorations V museum, a great educational but fun place for kids to learn about different things going on in our area. First Fridays is even a great activity for the older grandchildren since there are plenty of activities going on to entertain a wide range of people. Between great foods, live musicians, and Ice Cream what’s not to love.



New to the Lakeland Florida area is Legoland Florida. Legoland is situated in the same location of Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, FL. I was saddened to hear that Cypress Garden’s which had become a staple to the Central Florida region was closing.  It didn’t come as a surprise when our economy took a turn for the worse and so many large theme parks within a 60 mile radius drive. However when hearing Legoland Florida was now going to occupy this same location I was excited because it meant a whole new realm of possibilities. Legoland even held onto some of the charm of the former Cypress Gardens with a ski show, historical botanical gardens, and Lego Southern Belles. And coming Summer 2012 is the Legoland Waterpark.


When it is a teenager needing to be entertained there is the ample options of shopping and movies at the Lakeside Village. Lakeside Village features many places to shop for people of all ages. Know of a movie coming out which your teenage grandchildren maybe interested in why not try a midnight showing! Show those kids that even though we like to go to bed early and get up early doesn’t mean that every once in a while we can’t stay up late and enjoy a nice night out on the town with them.

While Lakeland Florida is a great place to retire due to our warm winters and suburban towns centrally located to larger cities, there are still plenty of activities to entertain our grandchildren when they come to visit us here in Lakeland.

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