6 Outdoor Upgrades for Your Grasslands Lakeland FL Home for Sale

Whenever putting your Lakeland FL Grasslands home up for sale, one of the first things potential buyers see is the exterior of your house. Your outdoor space is the big welcome mat for potential buyers. Check out these 6 low-maintenance and affordable upgrades that will help add value to your home:

Here are great outdoor upgrades for your Grasslands Lakeland FL homes.

  1. Repaint or replace your front doorway. Studies have revealed that a new door comes with 100 percent return of investment so it’s really a home improvement project you wouldn’t want to miss.
  2. Tidy up or decorate your porch. An empty porch in your house in Grasslands Lakeland FL appears cold and uninviting. Improve it by adding colorful furniture that complements the overall look of your home.
  3. Replace your windows with energy-efficient products. This step requires great time and effort on your part, if you’ll be doing it yourself. You may hire a professional but make sure to purchase all necessary equipment to help cut costs, and keep in mind that some installers provide more Affordable Windows than others.
  4. Update to a wooden deck. While this may be a costly renovation, the return of investment on this update is estimated at over 80 percent. Meaning, spending $10,000 on it gets you back around $8,000 on resale. Not a bad deal, right?
  5. Check the roof. See if it needs any repairs. Buyers want quality, not just appearance. While most roofs last around 20-30 years, it helps to clean and make sure that the roof of your Grasslands luxury homes for sale in Lakeland Florida is in top condition. Any leaks can indicate to the buyer that yours is a house that wasn’t as well-maintained as it is pretty, so expect them to lower their buying price.
  6. Clean up walkways and stairs. Patch all unnecessary dents and cracks. Potential buyers want to see the potential of the house they’re viewing so make sure your place looks its best.

Spending a few dollars on important outdoor upgrades shows buyers that your property is well taken care of. Plus, this gesture guarantees an acceptable or even a higher sale price. It’s a win-win however way you look at it.

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