Top Area Attractions in Grasslands Lakeland FL

Living in Grasslands Lakeland Florida is much more exciting with the different attractions within and outside the neighborhood. Florida boasts of a lot of places for the amusement of their citizens and tourists. If you are looking to move into a Lakeland FL Grasslands home for sale, you also might want to visit these top attractions:

Take a peek at these top destinations to visit in Grasslands Lakeland FL.

Grasslands Golf & Country Club

The Grasslands Golf & Country Club is an upscale and family-friendly club that was established in 1990. It has an 18-hole golf course which was restored in 2008. Along with this, the Grasslands swim and tennis club features swimming pools, tennis courts, and a cafe restaurant.

Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean Beaches

Beaches are nearby the Grasslands communities in Lakeland FL. A trip to the west will bring you to the white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico in just an hour. However, if you travel to the east, you will arrive at the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean in an hour and a half.

Legoland Florida and Universal Orlando Resorts

If you don’t feel like going to the beach but would like to take a dip, there are also some resorts within the area. There is the Legoland Florida Resort and the Universal Orlando Resort. The Legoland Florida Resort is a lego-themed amusement park that has different themed rooms, restaurants, play areas, and swimming pools that you and your family can enjoy. Meanwhile, the Universal Orlando Resort is a movie-themed amusement park which features exciting rides and shows, swimming pools, restaurants, and hotels.

Walt Disney World

One of the amusement parks also include the Walt Disney World that highlights various events, shops, hotels, and areas for sports and recreation. Have fun and visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studio and the Magic Kingdom Park. After spending the whole day with these attractions, dine and relax with the different restaurants and resort hotels within the Walt Disney World.

You’ll never run out of things to do and places to go to when you’re in Lakeland FL. So why not head out for some fun under the summer sun? Enjoy them with one of the off road camper trailers to take your family with you.

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