3 Main Reasons Why Empty Lakeland FL Homes for Sale Don’t Sell Easily

Office relocation, divorce, bankruptcy – these are just a few of the reasons behind an empty home. Because most of the common reasons stem from a negative place, this makes it hard for sellers and real estate agents to create a welcoming ambience to potential Lakeland FL home for sale buyers.

Know why empty Lakeland FL homes for sale don't sell quickly.

Don’t believe it? Here are the three main reasons why empty homes don’t sell easily:

Buyers don’t see the potential of the place.

They don’t have a point of reference when they visit the house. Without any existing furniture or decoration, buyers are not able to connect with the space. How can they easily tell if the living room area can accommodate their sofas, center tables, and home entertainment pieces? How can they easily picture out where to put their bed in the master bedroom if it’s only a blank space with a window on one side of the wall?

Buyers are not even at the empty house!

You won’t get any buyer traffic because some people looking for homes usually do a drive-by before deciding to get out of their cars and walking up to the house. An empty house usually lacks enough curb appeal to entice the potential buyers from going in. In short, they didn’t like their first impression of the Lakeland FL house so they don’t feel like it’s worthy enough of their time.

Empty house screams desperate.

When buyers enter the place and see nothing but empty space, they get the feeling of desperation from the homeowner, making them feel that there is a lot of room for negotiation when it comes to the price of the house. Because come to think of it, one of the assumptions a buyer makes is that the seller is in a hurry to sell and would gladly accept lower-than-the-market offers. While this is sometimes true, other sellers are looking for a fair price and it just didn’t cross their mind to at least stage their home for sale in Lakeland FL.

Don’t let an empty house bring your market price down. Let buyers see the potential of the space. Talk to a trusted Lakeland FL real estate broker today to help you stage your home for sale.

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