Lakeland Florida Real Estate Brokers List Best Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Home safety is one of the major considerations of a Lakeland 55+ communities real estate broker when helping seniors find homes where they could spend their retirement. It is not just about being comfortable and stylish. It is more on having a peace of mind. Here are some of the best safety features a home should have to better fit older adults:

Is your Lakeland FL home safe for seniors? These are safety tips for you!

  • Automated lights

A Lakeland FL homes for sale that is best for seniors must have enough lights in hallways, doorways, and stairways to assist them well. Whenever possible, automated lights is best so they need not search for lights switches in the dark which can lead to a bad fall.

  • Alert systems

Seniors could benefit well on medical alert systems especially when emergency arises. Intercoms could be very helpful when one cannot get to the phone and help is needed. Sometimes a minute of delay on phone calls can be the very thing that saves a life.

  • Double locked and lever-action doors

Door knobs are harder for older adults to use. Lever-action doors on the other had fit them well. For added safety, it is better to have double lock doors. This would allow other people to offer help once an accident happens inside a room.

  • Fall proofing system

Handrails, anti-slip mats, and non-slip floors are all important factors in fall proofing a home. Since a number of accidents in retirees are associated with falls, this would be something a real estate agent in Lakeland Sandpiper Golf homes advises a senior home buyer to have.

  • Electrical overload protection

Circuit breakers and other devices that can prevent overload would be a huge help for adults who cannot really focus on maintaining their home’s electrical safety. Be wary of homes for sale with faulty wiring. These things should be addressed by the seller before closing.

Safety is not something one should take lightly, especially not by the elderly who are dreaming of a peaceful and worry-free retirement. More tips for senior home buyers can be found in A trusted Lakeland Florida real estate broker who has numerous experiences in processing home buying for seniors would know what makes up for a safe retirement home.

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