Lakeland FL Sandpiper Golf Homes Agent Lists Questions of Retirees

Many Lakeland FL Sandpiper golf homes agents believe that everybody’s active adult years must be spent in a place where comfort, leisure, healthcare, and basic necessities are present. It is never too early to prepare and to know the different considerations and questions you must ask before choosing a place for your retirement. Here are some of the most common and most useful queries for retirees when choosing where to retire:

Living in a place like Lakeland Fl Sandpiper golf homes where the cost of living will not go beyond your budget is a major consideration for seniors.

  1. What is the general cost of living in this community?

Your savings and possibly a part time work will be sustaining you during your senior years. Thus, living in a place where the cost of living will not go beyond your budget is a major consideration. Apart from housing and basic necessities, also consider cost for healthcare and insurance. These are vital to you.

  1.  How far is it from my family members and friends?

Deciding to live near family members are common among retiring individuals. Talk to your Lakeland FL 55+ communities real estate broker about the accessibility of your chosen home and community to your loved ones.

  1. How far is it from my medical provider?

Health is of prime importance to seniors. Make sure to check if your doctor, dentist, and other medical needs are accessible in your chosen area. If not, ask for possible recommendations and check them beforehand.

  1.  What type of transportation are available?

When you are not as mobile as you used to be, going to places would be an issue. Your chosen neighbourhood must have access to various senior friendly transport services.

  1. How can I stay active here?

Healthy living includes committing to regular exercise and activities which can help you stay fit and alert. Always ask your Lakeland FL real estate broker about social and physical activities in the community where you plan to spend your retirement.

  1. Is part time work available?

Should you need to find a part time work to cover part of your retirement budget, it would be best if the community can provide you with employment opportunities that would match your skills and abilities and take into account your limitations.

  1. How safe is this place?

Being able to walk or drive safely outside is important not just for seniors but for everyone. Moreover, having access to support services for the elderly and emergency related facilities must be taken into account. Also, the home itself must be safe for seniors, as stated in one of our previous articles in

One must not simply look at rankings of the best places to retire and then dive straight into buying a retirement home. Ample preparation and planning must be done to ensure that your dream retirement life would actually happen. Don’t forget to ask these questions to your real estate broker in Lakeland FL before your choose.

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