4th of July Decorating Ideas for Your Lakeland 55+ Community Home

The mid-summer holiday is fast approaching and it’s almost time to gather up all the red, white, and blue decoration all over your Lakeland 55+ community home and get the festivities started.

Here are great Independence Day decorating ideas for your Lakeland 55+ community home.

Fourth of July Wreath

Who said wreaths are specific to Christmases and Thanksgivings? Dress up a plain rustic wreath using a few flags or with red, blue, and white ribbons.

Flag Toothpicks

Whether you’re serving finger food or going all-out with the home-cooked meals, a little flag toothpick goes a long way in adding color to the table.

Table Runner

You can also use a plain blue and red tablecloth and add white stars to act as a table runner. Use the accordion folding paper technique to create a string of stars!

Fourth of July Paper Lanterns

Over your dining table, strung across the backs of chairs, or hung over the beautiful porch of your house in Lakeland 55+ community, these paper lanterns are a sure hit with family and friends.

Red, Blue, and White Glassware

Why not use glassware in the flag’s colors to put more life to your dining table? Pair a plain white ceramic plate with red utensils and blue glasses.

Ombre Party Linens

Another fun way to add color to your dining table is by using ombre party linens. Dip dye plain white napkins and placemats in blue and red dye for that patriotic feel.

Fun Party Crackers for Kids (and kids at heart!)

If you’re having guests over for a 4th of July barbecue at your home in Lakeland 55+ community, why not give out party crackers that contain sweet treats such as Twizzlers, gum, and candy – all in red, blue, and white colors, of course!

Patriotic Star Pinwheel

Using colored paper, create star pinwheels for use as table centerpieces, buffet decoration, or you can have your guests take one home and give to their kids and grandkids, as well.

Fireworks Display Bucket

Before heading out to your Lakeland 55+ community house’s backyard, or the porch, or wherever it is you’ll be watching awesome fireworks display, why not bring a bucket of treats? Buy unused paint cans and use scrapbooking paper to decorate the outside and line the inside. Fill with treats!

Red, Blue, and White Ice Buckets

In keeping with the theme, why not use metal serveware to store your cold drinks? Paint your pail in red or blue or white for a truly festive feel.

It’s never too early to start planning for this special holiday. Together with planning the decorations, you can also go ahead and start planning your sumptuous homemade recipes or start placing orders for your favorite meals.

Find out more tips and more helpful how-tos when throwing seasonal parties and holiday dinners over at http://www.LakelandFloridaLiving.com.

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