5 Things that Make the Neighborhood in Lakeland 55+ Community Great

Different people have different needs when it comes to their neighborhood. If you’re a young professional, you’re most likely looking into living at a hip neighborhood that’s close to your place of work. For small families, an expansive suburban neighborhood would work for them. As for active seniors, an equally active neighborhood such as that in the Lakeland 55+ community homes is your best bet.

Know why buying a Lakeland 55+ community home is the perfect choice for you and your loved ones!

Apart from a match in a homeowner’s lifestyle, for a neighborhood to be considered great, these are 5 other things to look for:


The ability to go to the nearest stores or markets, restaurants, schools, and other amenities by walking is an important factor in determining how great a neighborhood is. Having these nearby mean that you won’t get yourself stuck in traffic or shell out extra fuel costs just for a quick trip to the grocery.

Near schools and hospitals or doctor’s offices

A neighborhood that’s near schools and medical offices is a must both for growing families and retirees. Active seniors will love the homes in Lakeland 55+ community as the neighborhood offers first-class health care, which includes Lakeland’s primary hospital, the Lakeland Regional Hospital, and other medical facilities nearby such as the Watson Clinic.

Low crime rate

The safety and security of everyone is a primary concern. A great neighborhood not only has manned gated entrances, but it also needs to have round-the-clock security via roaming security patrols and its very own neighborhood watch program.

Frequent events and other activities

This is another factor that can help determine how great a neighborhood is. Events and activities help in keeping the homeowners healthier and happier. From sports to card games to other community affairs, you won’t get bored with the variety of things you can do when you live at a house in Lakeland 55+ community.

Aesthetic quality

Richard Florida, a well-known urban theorist, stated in an interview with Good Magazine, that the aesthetic quality of a neighborhood is the number one factor in a survey conducted by Gallup Organization. Does the neighborhood have trees or open spaces or does it preserve its historic architecture? Beautiful neighborhoods are well-maintained neighborhoods, which makes its aesthetic appeal a factor in determining how great it is.

If your dream home is situated in a great neighborhood which is conveniently located near medical offices, schools, restaurants, and more; has a certain aesthetic appeal; and provides a sense of safety and security, then the Lakeland 55+ community is for you.

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