Best Summer Plants for Your Lakeland 55+ Community Home Garden

Picture waking up tomorrow morning and as you sip your breakfast coffee, you look out the window and an array of colorful flowers greet you. There’s no need to imagine anymore because we’ve listed down the best summer plants you can add to your Lakeland 55+ community home garden:

These are typical plants that you can put in your Lakeland 55+ community home's garden this summer.


These perennials are tough on the inside and beautiful on the outside. When cared for properly, they bloom way until the fall season. They bloom in pink, lavender, or white colored flowers.


From the sunflower family, this plant blooms a fluffy, golden yellow flower that can instantly brighten your space. Also called a “Sunray,” this perennial has long stems and does not need much water to live.

Bluebeard Shrub

From the name itself, this shrub is an easy-to-grow plant which blooms beautiful blue flowers that can easily add more color to the garden of your Lakeland 55+ community house.

Sally Holmes Rose

This strong-growing plant blooms creamy-white roses that grow in huge clusters. This versatile plant vigorously grows all year, giving you a continuously blooming compact bush all year long.

Purple Fountain Grass

One of the most popular ornamental grasses, this plant rewards gardeners with a rose-colored feathery plumes on top of reddish brown foliage. This looks best next to the bluebeard shrub or the bright Coreopsis.

Aside from colorful flowers, you can also maximize the space in the garden of your house in Lakeland 55+ community with vegetables that are easy to grow during the summer, such as:


This vegetable need a full sun, the rich soil, pollinating insects, and about an inch of water per week to grow. If you have the space, you can try the vining variety compared to a bush variety of cucumber so that you can get even more fruits from it. Just make sure to support it with a trellis so that it can branch out properly.


Why not grow your own tomatoes and leave the canned ones on the market shelves? Tomatoes need about 6 to 8 hours of full sun exposure.

Bush Beans

These shallow rooted plants are easy to care for and grow from seedlings. Once the soil temperature has reached a 60 degrees F warmth, you can directly sow them in your garden.

It’s not that difficult to care for and grow your very own blooming garden this summer. With just the right amount of water, soil space, and lots of patience, you will soon be harvesting the fruits of your green thumb.

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