Common Home Inspection Checklists from Lakeland FL Real Estate Brokers, Do Not Forget The Basement Waterproofing

To find a good home inspector, always consult your Lakeland FL real estate broker as he or she would certainly have contacts and knowledge that can help you in this part of home buying. If this is the first time you will ever encounter home inspection, you ought to get at least a general idea of what they will check and what they won’t inspect. Here are lists that could help you.

Here's an inspection checklist for your Lakeland FL home.


Current damages in flat roofs and shingles are checked. Along with this, inspectors would also look into gutters, chimneys and vents. Lastly, they have to make sure that no obstructions like hanging branches of trees, would pose serious threat to its condition in the near future.


They would be spotting soggy areas of the ground, especially those which would have been or will be affected by improper drainage or existing septic tank leaks. They would also check the fences, driveways, and sidewalks from any structural damage.


A Lakeland FL Sandpiper golf homes agent would know that a home for sale with damage on its foundation is not going to be attractive to buyers. It is part of a home inspector’s job to spot any cracks, bowing, sagging or misalignment in a property’s walls, ceilings, windows, and floors which could indicate foundation problems, according to the local foundation repair services, Water can also cause problems when it freezes in the ground adjacent to the foundation and causes a bulge in the wall; if those conditions continue they can cause a wall to collapse and render the house uninhabitable.

Exterior structures

Outlets, wires, and lights outside, exterior sidings or paints, or any other exterior feature which would potentially need repairs can be very alarming. A home inspector has these things included on his list.

Plumbing system

It is important that water systems and all the features that use water should all be functioning well before a home is bought. This means any damages or leaks on pipes, water temperature, toilets, sinks and sewer line must be properly examined in case a sewer line cleaner company needs to be called. If repairs need to be done make sure you reach out to different plumbers for the best price and service.

Electrical system

Electrical wiring, switches, panels, and outlet should all adhere to the standards. This would make sure that no accidents would occur and that if desired by the new owner, it would be easy to add appliances. Most homes in come with fans and light fixtures. These things should also be surveyed.

Cooling and Heating

Your real estate broker in Lakeland FL should be informed if part of the considerations for you in finding the perfect home is the existence of a fireplace or other heating and cooling units. But finding a home with all these details is not the end of it. A home inspector must make sure that all the items that would help cool or heat a home must be in considerably good condition.

Basement, Attic, and Garage

Apart from the usual rooms, these three important spaces are also included when an inspector rounds a home for inspection. According to the information from, basement must have no signs of dampness or damage due to water leaks. Attics must also be free from damage and should have enough ventilation. Garage’s foundation, electrical system, foundation, roof, and doors are also part of the checklist.

But you have to remember that when your Lakeland FL 55+ communities real estate broker introduces you to a home inspector, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the areas of your home will be checked. You have to separate inspectors when you want specific things or areas to be inspected. This would include pests, swimming pool, toxic molds, and others.

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