How to Decorate a Lakeland 55+ Communities Real Estate

When you ask a Lakeland 55+ communities real estate broker to show you some of the best available options for a retirement home, you’d probably notice that the way these homes are decorated has similarities. This is mainly because there are some basic considerations to keep in mind when ornamenting a home for seniors. These are important not only for aesthetics but also for safety and functionality. These are some of the best ways to decorate a senior home:

Here are decorating tips for your Lakeland 55+ communities real estate.

Put safety first

The number one characteristic of an ideal senior home is safety. With that in mind, designs and ornaments in a home should not be potential cause of accidents. This may apply to floors. Instead of bare tiles or slippery flooring, wall to wall carpets can be a safer option. As much as possible, use senior-friendly furniture like higher chairs with study arms and fixtures with rounded corners. Since mobility can easily become an issue, a home with installed handrails is desirable for seniors.

Plan layout well

Understandably, when you ask a Lakeland FL Sandpiper golf homes agent, he would tell you that a two-story home isn’t advisable for seniors, especially those experiencing difficulty walking. Additionally, having a floor plan which would aid retirees in walking across a room in a wheelchair or cane without difficulty is preferable. This means wide open pathways that are well lit.

Colors must be bright

Having a dark and gloomy home shouldn’t be something an active adult bears. Use only bright colors for paints ranging from hues of whites, to beiges, to lighter blues, greens, and yellows. A bright colored home when coupled with ample lighting can instantly bring out a happy and light mood. You can check out tons of lovely bright colored homes in if you need some inspiration.

Have keepsakes around

Although real estate brokers in Lakeland Florida would advise sellers against having personal things displayed while the house is listed for sale, putting these up when you’ve already bought the home is a very much encouraged. Having memorabilias displayed on walls and in selected areas around the house can brighten up the mood of any homeowner. It can also be help start a conversation when visitors and new friends come over. More importantly, when a house is filled with personal belongings that matter to the senior homeowner, it would certainly feel more like a home.

Encourage activity through displays

Having board games easily accessible in the living room is a good way to encourage indoor activity. Some may also want to place plants to water every day. A basket containing tools for creative activities like knitting is also helpful in reminding seniors to keep themselves busy. The idea is to have these tools within reach since an active mind and body is always good to maintain as we grow older.

Always remember that a retirement home is not like any ordinary home. Always talk to your Lakeland FL real estate broker about your considerations when finding the best decorated home for sale. It isn’t impossible to find a suitable home for you among the numerous retirement homes in Lakeland FL.

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