Safety Tips for Seniors in Lakeland 55+ Community Homes

Home safety is a major concern for every real estate broker when helping seniors find Lakeland 55+ community homes. While many seniors live very active and robust lives, they still need extra care inside their homes. Apart from finding a comfortable, spacious home in an expansive and friendly community, it’s equally important that they live in a safe home where they won’t accidentally injure themselves.

Safety is a must for your Lakeland 55+ communities home, here are helpful tips for you!

There are some specific home arrangements that are friendly to seniors and here is a list of home safety tips to guide you:

  1. Look for a house for sale in Lakeland 55+ that have automated lighting controls installed. This will help seniors minimize their steps and movement when entering different rooms inside the house. This will also aid those who have unclear eyesight to move around the house without having to look for the light switches. You can also add lighting to hallways so they can see where they are exactly and what they are stepping on to.
  2. Remove rugs or tack it down. Seniors tend to trip on these rugs so it is better to remove them out of their way or tack it down so they won’t slip. Tacking rugs properly can greatly reduce the incidence of a fall.
  3. Look for a Lakeland 55+ home for sale that has sturdy railings on the stairs. This is important as seniors have weaker bones and muscles. They need to hold on to the rails for support when going up or down the house. You can also buy a stairlift so they can go up and down with ease. Railings can also be added to bathroom walls so they can have something to hold on to when using the bathroom.
  4. Find where the emergency exit is and point this out. If none is available, you may create a safe plan with the route to take in case of emergencies, such as fire and earthquake. Be sure that the path is free from clutter or other hazards that may put them vulnerable to accidents.
  5. Keep your home clean and free from clutter. Immediately wipe spills to prevent slipping and falling. Arrange your furniture in such a way that there is enough space for seniors to walk around freely without any obstacle. Electrical cables should be attached to the wall properly to avoid tripping. Knives and other pointy objects should be secured in a drawer or safely placed in a container.

It’s easy for seniors to stay active and live freely at their own homes. By making a few, simple adjustments, you can make sure that their safety is never compromised.

Minimize as many potential risks as possible by talking to a trusted real estate broker before buying a Lakeland 55+ community home for sale. Check out for independent living tips, activity suggestions, and more.

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