Top 4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Lakeland FL Sandpiper Golf Home

As buyers hurry up and contact Lakeland 55+ Communities real estate broker this spring, sellers should work on preparing their homes for sale. One way to do that is to add elements that would make the home looking fresher than ever. Try these quick and budget friendly tips:

Freshen up your Lakeland FL Sandpiper Golf home with these amazing tips!

  1. Use lighting tricks

– Open up your windows, wipe and wash all the dirt away, and get ready for sunlight. Now is the time to give beauty treatments to these usually forgotten parts of the home.

– Try adding elegant white sheers to emphasize the brightness this season brings.

– From natural light, let’s move on to artificial lights. It won’t take 10 minutes to replace old bulbs with new and better ones. It also won’t cost much. So go ahead and give your rooms that bright ray of light by updating your bulbs.

  1. Apply color tricks

– Bring the vibrant colors of spring inside your home. You may opt to update cabinets, doors, or walls with a fresh coat of paint.

– Try arranging your books according to colors. You can do the same trick on your kitchen ware, closets, bathroom towels, or even shoe collection.

– For pops of color, try using new pillowcases in the living room, or a bowl of fruit in the dining area. The possibilities are up to your imagination.

– You may check out homes in or other spring themed homes online as guides if you don’t feel too confident in adding colors.

  1. Bring natural elements inside

– For a more spring feel, add flowers in your dining table, in your living room, or in your bedroom. You’ll never go wrong with flowers.

–  If you want to put your green thumb in practice, try creating a small indoor garden using tiny hanging herbs. Most Lakeland FL real estate broker trust natural elements to bring a fresh vibe into homes.

– When it comes to soothing the senses, you may also try focusing on smell and not just sight. Apart from flowers, you can use candles or DIY reed diffuser to have a spring smelling home.

  1. Clear your space

– Decluttering your space is one of the most effective way to freshen it up. So check every room and see how you can reduce the things that distract the eyes.

– Use separate boxes for donations, trash, and for things you’re not sure what to do. Keep these away from sight, especially when a buyer is brought by a real estate broker in Lakeland 55+ communities to your home for viewing.

– Purchase cheap but classy looking storage tools to organize your things in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. When there’s a designated place for everything, clutter won’t pile up.

These quick and cheap tips will definitely help you have a fresher, brighter home this spring. Once you’re done, contact your Lakeland FL Sandpiper Golf homes agent and be ready to show your home.

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