Common Mistakes That Could Decrease the Value of Your Lakeland Fl Home For Sale

Common Mistakes That Could Decrease the Value of Your Lakeland Fl Home For Sale

Take control of your home selling by avoiding mistakes that could affect market value

Take control of your home selling by avoiding mistakes that could affect market value

When selling your Lakeland Fl home, you would want to get top dollar for your home but some sellers commit common mistakes that could decrease the value of their Lakeland Fl home for sale.

Yes, you know that you need to stage your home and keep it clean and clutter-free and smelling nice. You know you have to take your pets and kids away during showings. You know most of these things that are all important in selling a home and hopefully you are doing them too.

But what about those things you are NOT doing that could cause buyers to pass up your home or offer less than what you listed the home for?

Here are some of the common mistakes sellers make and things they don’t do that affect the value of their homes for sale in Lakeland Fl:

1. Several foreclosures in the area. If your Lakeland Fl home for sale is in an area where there are several foreclosures, then your home will most likely sell for a lower value. Often, these kinds of neighborhoods with plenty of foreclosures aren’t well-maintained. The foreclosure homes in this area are neglected and in dire need of maintenance. Perhaps, the reason why you are selling your Lakeland Fl home is because of the high foreclosure rate! Based on a study by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), homes within 250 feet of a foreclosed property decreased in value by 1% for every foreclosure.

2. Poor curb appeal. Never underestimate the power of curb appeal. If you have poor landscaping, this can decrease your home’s value by 5-11%! On the other hand, a well-kept yard will increase your Lakeland Fl home for sale’s value by as much. Take note that this doesn’t apply to just your own front yard. Even if your yard is beautiful but your neighbor’s yard is not well-kept, buyers will still offer you less for your home, since they will have the impression that the entire neighborhood is not well-kept.

3. Bad paint jobs. Bad paint jobs both inside and outside the home can decrease the value of your Lakeland Fl home for sale. This could be fixed quite easily with either wallpaper or repainting the home before selling it. Chipped paint and other ugly marks on the wall will give an impression to buyers that your home is badly in need of repair or is not well-maintained.

4. Broken windows and leaky faucets. These do not cost much to repair, but when leaky faucets are left dripping, could cost you your potential buyers. When it comes to faucets, knowing when it needs a repair or when you need to invest in a new one is important. If you’re not sure what type of faucet would be best for your sink, you can find out more information on this site. Some buyers might give a lower offer to compensate for them having to repair the home and they might also think there are still other hidden problems in your home.

Putting your Lakeland Fl home for sale is much like dating – you should always seek to impress and keep the interest of your buyer by making the necessary preparations inside and outside your home.

Selling your home in Lakeland Fl? Give Lakeland Fl agent Petra Norris a call today at (863) 619-6918  so she can help you prepare and market your home to the widest pool of potential buyers and sell it for top dollar.

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