How Can Seller Incentives Help Your Lakeland Fl Home Sell Faster?

How Can Seller Incentives Help Your Lakeland Fl Home Sell Faster?

Whether you are listing your Lakeland Fl home in a buyer’s market, seller’s market or balanced real estate market, you may want to consider giving your buyers incentives to motivate them to make an offer on your home.

What are the Best Incentives?


Seller Incentive can boost with the sale of your Lakeland FL home

Seller Incentive can boost with the sale of your Lakeland FL home

Most Lakeland Fl agents say that the best incentive that can sell your house quickly is a home that is in good condition and is priced just right.

If you find that you don’t have enough money or time to make improvements on your Lakeland Fl home for sale, then you can try to sell it “as is” – but don’t don’t expect to get the best price for it. You will have to set a price below what comparable homes in your area are selling for when you sell a home “as is” or without improvements.”

You can also attract more offers by offering buyers financial incentives such as assistance with closing costs and home warranty. The amount you can offer depends on the guidelines of your buyer’s particular loan program.

Other Creative Incentives for Buyers:

When creating incentives for your buyers, it is important to think of the type of buyers who might be interested in your Lakeland Fl home for sale. Are your buyers empty nesters, young professionals, or a young family? Is your home a luxury home, a waterfront home, or a starter home? Your incentives should be in line with your buyers’ interests and the type of home you have.

Here are some creative incentives you can offer your buyers:

If you live near or on the water, consider including a jet ski or kayak with the purchase price of your home.

If your home is located near one of the many fishing spots in Lakeland, consider including some fishing equipment for your buyers.

If you are living in a community with a homeowner’s association, consider paying for one year worth of HOA fees. This would be very attractive to first time homebuyers who are mostly concerned about the additional costs of buying a home.

If you live in a community with a country club, you can offer to pay for one year’s membership in the club for your buyer or maybe pay the initial fees.

If you are selling a vacation home, consider offering a gift card for new furniture or buy new kitchen supplies and linens for the new homeowner.

Is the market really competitive and selling a home is tough, some sellers even offer to include their high end car with the purchase price of the home.

Make sure to discuss the pros and cons of these incentives with your Lakeland Fl agent. When you think of incentives, they should boost and not reduce your profits from the sale of your home.


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