Lakeland FL Homes For Sale – What Are CDD Fees?

Lakeland FL Homes For Sale – What Are CDD Fees?

While Planned Unit Developments (PUD) are not very common in Lakeland FL, I do get asked by prospective buyers who are interested in the Eaglebrooke Community, a PUD about CDD fees.  The Florida Statute defines CDD (Community Development District) in greater detail and you can read it by clicking here.

CDD fees are incorporated into the non-advalorem taxes which finances and pays for infrastructure such as roads, electrical, water and sewer systems, parks and streetlights within such a development as Eaglebrooke and Villages at BridgeWater. CDD fees are separate from Homeowners’ Association fees you find in these types of communities.  CDD fees are billed annually and paid together with your property taxes.
CDD Fees
Before making an offer on a property located in these communities, please make sure you get all the information concerning CDD fees as amounts can be different.
More information about CDD for Eaglebrooke can be found

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  1. Lynn Clayton says:

    Are the CDD fees included in the property taxes?

    • Petra Norris says:

      Generally they are. To make sure you can look up here in Polk County property appraiser website and see the CDD fees, if applicable for a particular property. I hope this answers your question.

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