Lakeland FL Munn Park – A Place Where Events Take Place

Lakeland FL Munn Park – A Place Where Events Take Place

Munn Park is located in the heart of Lakeland Florida, which is a place where all of the downtown events take place throughout the year.  Events such as:

First Fridays
Farmers Market
Classic Car Shows
Spring Obsessions
Holiday Walkabout, and much much more….

Munn Park was named after Abraham Munn, a business man who purchased in 1882 a track of 80 acres in Polk County. In 1989 the park underwent a redesign to amplify the character of the Munn Park Historic District that surrounds it.  The new look took the park back to the more simplistic “Town Square Era”, which is more in line with its historic beginnings.  If you are in the neighborhood and enjoy shopping, dining and a wide choice of casual hang out spots, then you’ll be very happy what Munn Park has to offer.

For me personally, I enjoy the park very much.  It is an oasis of greens, flowers, trees and water fountain in downtown Lakeland. Spending quiet moments amidst trees and flowers coupled with wifi capabilities such as reading a book on my iPad or surf the net.  To me Munn Park is the heart and soul of Lakeland.

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  1. joyce says:

    I sell Scrapbooking and was told I can come here to set up tables and sell. Is this true? If so can I ? How Much? and When? Thank you

    • Petra Norris says:

      Thank you for your comment and your interest being involved with downtown Lakeland. However, this is not the place to ask to set up tables. Let me suggest to you getting in contact with Downtown Lakeland Partnership at 863-513-3669. I’m sure they will guide you in the right direction.

  2. Lynn Schaber says:

    What is the new hanging man with windchimes in Munn Park? Who is the inventor?

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