Lakeland FL Real Estate – How To Search For A Home

Lakeland Florida Real Estate – How To Search For A Home

I’m often asked by consumer how can I search for a home without signing up.  Not everyone can buy a Lakeland FL home these days and some of the folks who need to save a some money or need to work on their credit sometimes don’t want to be bothered by constant calls.  Well, I came up with a fantastic solution that guarantees no signing up, you can search whenever you want, no phone calls and emails unless you asked me to.

How to search for a Lakeland FL Home made easy!  Even if you are not ready yet – looking to buy a home in Lakeland Florida, there are some great values when searching for a Lakeland FL home for sale with average sales prices are cheaper; hovering around $125,000 for asingle family home. Compare this price to average sales prices in Orlando, FL at $158,000 and Tampa, FL at $196,000 based on 2010 sales.

I want to share a way to search for homes that are for sale in Lakeland Florida with this interactive map below. I have used this map a lot in the past months and have gotten great results from consumers and buyers.

It is a google based map that allows you to click on the blue house icon and if a picture is available, it will provide you with basic information such as picture and price of the home.  More information is provided when you click on the blue address link, such has age of the home, size, number of bedrooms/baths as well as street, map and aerial view of the Lakeland FL home for sale.  You can request, however if you like, more info or request a showing that we can schedule for you.

Narrow down your search for homes for sale in Lakeland Florida by specifying your criteria. You can change price range, add number of bedrooms or even switch to condos.

The best thing about this map is you can move the map around with your mouse. For example, if you don’t like the location and want to search homes for sale in Lakeland FL perhaps in North Lakeland, just use your mouse to the location you want to start your next home search.

No signing up, no phone calls and no emails – I promise!  Have fun searching for what ever home you like, anywhere in the United States.

Check it out!

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