Lakeland Foreclosures – Be Prepared to pay Full Price

Every buyer I talk to and represent want to get a great deal when purchasing a Lakeland Foreclosure. Lakeland Real Estate in foreclosure are the best deal on the market, however, be prepared to pay full price.

Buyers still think that they can make low ball offers on bank-owned properties and go against what Lakeland FL Realtor’s professional advise. Believe me when I share with you my market report for Lakeland Foreclosure and tell you that the listing price may not be sufficient to get your offer accepted. You want the best deal and I want to get you the best deal, but keep in mind when great deals are out there, more and more there are more buyers for one Lakeland Real Estate, which results into a bidding contest.

Here is the proof! Since October 1st, 2009 – 19 single family homes (bank-owned) in Lakeland built in 2000 and after sold for 99% of Listing Price vs. Sales Price (LP/SP).

Lakeland Foreclosure - Sold

Looking for a great deal on distressed properties, such as Lakeland Short Sales, Lakeland Pre-Foreclosures and Lakeland Foreclosures, then look no further.


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