Part 2: 15 Reasons Why Homeowners Sell Their Lakeland Fl Homes

Part 2: 15 Reasons Why Homeowners Sell Their Lakeland Fl Homes

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Homeowners stay in their homes 5-7 years

Why do homeowners sell or move on an average of 5 to 7 years? This may be a shock to some people who have lived in their homes practically half of their life. Here’s the second part of reasons why homeowners sell their Lakeland Fl homes.  If you missed part 1 of my article, please click here.

8. Moving closer to family. As people age, they typically wish to move closer to family and relatives. Parents like to be near their children and grandparents want to be near their grandchildren.

9. Moving farther from family. On the flipside, some family members sell their home and move out to a different state to put some distance between family members to keep the peace. This usually happens to divorced or separated couples or dysfunctional families.

10. Health issues. Physical disorders like back problems, hip replacements, or knee problems make it for elderly homeowners to climb up and down two storey homes so it would be more practical for them to move into a single storey Lakeland Fl home.

11. Retirement. Homebuyers over the age of 55 are typically attracted to active adult communities or retirement communities. These communities are planned to suit the needs of retirees and have amenities such as clubhouses, golf courses, workout facilities, backyard barbecue parties, weeked social gatherings, and more designed for retired homeowners.

12. Home improvement. There are some people who enjoy fixing or renovating a home and then putting up that Lakeland Fl home for sale.

13. Deferred Maintenance. Some people prefer not to go through the hassle of renovating or having a roof or furnace replacement. For them, it’s easier to just buy a new Lakeland Fl hoe, especially if the home they are staying in is around 15 years old or more. They want to get out of the home before everything goes haywire.

14. Change in Lifestyle. Some people get tired of homeownership or being in one place for years and long to spend the rest of their lives travelling or pursue a hobby, or simply have less responsibility. So these people sell their homes and use the cash to realize their dreams.

15. Cash through Equity. Some homeowners simply need the money. Whether they are going through a financial hardship, or are simply afraid of another drop in home values and want to see the profit in their hands before their home’s value depreciates.

Thinking of selling your home! If you experience any of these changes and you considering selling your home, I have a passion selling your home and would like to share my online marketing expertise with you.  Please email me at petra[at] or call 863-619-6918.  I have lived in Lakeland for the past 20 years and service areas of Lakeland, Auburndale, Bartow, Winter Haven, Mulberry and the surrounding cities in Central Florida.

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