Plan a Smooth Move While Selling Your Lakeland Fl Home

Plan a Smooth Move While Selling Your Lakeland Fl Home

Tips to plan a smooth move

Tips to plan a smooth move

The best time to plan your move is once you have decided to put your Lakeland Fl home for sale. You will find that some of the activities you need to do to sell your home will actually help you in the moving process like cleaning the closets, storage,  and attic.

Here a few more tips to help you plan your move while selling your Lakeland Fl home:

  • Start stocking up on boxes, packing materials, tape and markers. Make sure to mark all boxes with the corresponding room (kitchen, living room, etc.) so movers know where they will be placed.
  • Contact several movers and compare prices. But do not choose a mover based solely on the cost. Make sure the mover has the right training, experience and equipment to do the job. Moving services in Nevada like Sky Van Lines can be your preferred option as they know exactly what they are doing and you can also ask them for references of their past clients with a similar volume of things as yours. Make sure the movers are licensed and bonded as required in your state.
  • Get mover estimates in writing. It is possible to get discounts through membership organizations so make sure to ask.
  • Keep a checklist handy. Your checklist may include the following items:

1. Money.

Bring enough credit or cash to cover food, lodging, and gas or transportation.

2. Medicine.

Keep essential medications handy and readily available during the move.

3. List of numbered boxes.

Make a list of all your boxes by number and indicate the contents of each box. This will make it easier to keep track and count the boxes when you arrive and know which are missing.

4. Address books.

Emergency numbers should be recorded here in case you will need help during the move.

5. Things to keep children occupied.

Children get bored and uneasy during long trips so bring their favorite toys, music, games, blankets, and any other items that will keep them preoccupied during the move.

Planning your move while your Lakeland Fl home for sale is still on the market will give you plenty of time to prepare yourself and your family for the big day and help you avoid stress from last-minute preparations.

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