Retiring from Active Duty Military or Relocate to MacDill, AFB – Tampa, FL?

Just recently I sold a home in Lakeland, FL to an active duty military member who is relocating to MacDill AFB – Tampa, FL.  Why in the world they chose Lakeland over Tampa you might ask?   The drive alone from Lakeland to MacDill is about 40-50 minutes depending on traffic.

The single answer is location, location, location…..

You see, they thought way ahead of their time, where do I want to raise my family or where do I want to retire and live comfortable?  Military members and their family are known to sacrifices.  The separation from their families while deployed in another country, another state is in my humble opinion one of their challenging sacrifices military families share every day.  When it comes time to retire or to relocate and where the duty station may be at MacDill AFB, or even Ft. Benning, GA – my husband’s last duty station, many feel they want to get away from a military base but still want to be within driving distance for shopping, amenities and activities, such as the annual military air show.  It is a no brainer for a soon to be retiring active duty military member to make the driving sacrifice.

While Lakeland FL with it small city feel, it is smack dab in the middle and convenient to all major attractions and white sandy beaches.

Guaranteed Veterans Administration Loan Program allows Active Duty Military Members and Veterans receive 100% financing with a maximum loan limit for $417,000 in Lakeland FL.  You can buy a very nice home considering the loan limits and comparing recent home prices here in Lakeland, FL

Lakeland has very affordable home prices compared to Tampa, FL or Orlando, FL

  • Lakeland, FL – average home prices for single family homes in June 2010 was $125,040
  • Tampa, FL – average home prices for single family homes in June 2010 was $205,140
  • Orlando, FL – average home prices for single family homes in June 2010 was $169,711

Thinking about retiring or relocating close to a military base? Consider Lakeland Florida in your next home search, it is all right here with the click of your mouse – just click away!

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