Top 10 Low Cost Home Staging Tips for Your Lakeland Fl Home for Sale (Part 1)

Top 10 Low Cost Home Staging Tips for Your Lakeland Fl Home for Sale (Part 1)


Clean and bright Lakeland FL homes will sell faster

Clean and bright Lakeland FL homes will sell faster

Home staging is a widely popular effective technique used to increase a home for sale’s appeal to a larger number of buyers. When you stage your home, you go beyond simple cleaning and you add, remove, or change certain elements in the home that can contribute to its overall attractiveness.

If you have no major restriction on funds, then by all means hire a professional home stager. But if your budget is tight and you want your Lakeland Fl home for sale to sell fast, consider the following low cost home staging tips. Make it a bit more fun by involving family members and spending time doing things together. All you need are enough hands to help, time and creativity. Then you might be well on your way to making your home a lot more attractive to potential buyers. Check out the first five tips below.

1. Start with the curb

It’s hard to make buyers fall in love with the features inside your home if they are already turned off by the scene outside the home. Make your home more attractiveby keeping your lawn and pathways clean. Get rid of the piles of leaves or trash. Examine your garden and see if you canimprove the look of the plants that you already have by replacing them, putting them in pots or just moving them where they might have more appeal.

2. Clean away

Next step is perhaps the most time consuming but is also the most effective staging tip– clean your home thoroughly. Try to focus on the large rooms first before moving to the smaller ones. You don’t need to finish everything in a day. Be systematic in your approach so you can save time and be most productive. Remember to follow the top to bottom, left to right cleaning routine so you can be certain that no area is left unattended.

3. Sort and store

Since you are going to move, now is the best time to sort everything inside the house and store items buyers don’t really need to see. The key is to remove clutter or little loose items that make your home look messy. Home stagers advise having designated places for everything in the house. Use functional and appealing storage solutions that match your entire home’s appeal. Think how you can help potential buyers imagine themselves living in your home. Store your personal or family items like pictures, trophies and displays. This will give your buyers enough room to be creative. Be careful not to leave rooms looking so bare. Having too few furnishings  is as bad as having too many. Try to retain important,  neutral furniture and items.

4. Do all the mini fixes

If you had a home inspection, you may already have a good idea on what’s working and what’s not in your home. Buyers will appreciate it if no or little major renovations are necessary in your home. As much as you can, try to examine what fixes you can do within your limits. Try to replace door knobs or cabinet handles that are worn out. Make sure that no taps are dripping or cupboards open. These little things can catch the buyer’s attention.

5. Repaint to revive

It is true that repainting can do wonders. If you have money to spare, invest on paint to liven up old and gloomy rooms. Carefully choose neutral color palettes and stay away from dark or very bold colors.   These colors may not beappealing to apotential buyers. The trick is to make rooms appear spacious by applying a fresh coat of light colored paint which would look really nice with good or natural light. You will be surprised by how a change of color on your walls creates a positive effect in your home’s overall appeal.

Follow these tips and you will see a huge difference in your home’s appeal. Home staging doesn’t need to be expensive. Having the determination to improve the selling points of your home helps a lot in making these tips work for you. Check out the next article for the rest of the cheap ways to stage your Lakeland Fl home for sale.

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