Top 10 Low Cost Home Staging Tips for Your Lakeland Fl Home for Sale (Part 2)

Top 10 Low Cost Home Staging Tips for Your Lakeland Fl Home for Sale (Part 2)

Well staged and clean homes bring top dollars when selling.

Well staged and clean homes bring top dollars when selling.

Home sellers everywhere have recognized the effectiveness of home staging in ensuring a faster home selling transaction. Home staging is very much like dressing your home and making it look more attractive to a large number of buyers.

When people talk about home staging, the idea of hiring a professional home stager is almost always considered. To save on the cost people are considering doing home staging by themselves. Out of all the plethora of home staging tips found on the internet, we have researched and listed the top 10 low cost home staging tips for you.

In my previous, we shared with you the first 5 tips to kick-start your home staging. Starting with the curb, cleaning away, sorting and storing, doing all the mini-fixes, and repainting are some of the things you can tackle together with your family. Read on to find the last 5 low cost tips to stage your home and make it sell faster.

6. Rearrange

When rearranging the items inside your house, the most effective way to start is to enter the room and examine it as if your are seeing it for the first time. Too much familiarity with how things are may hinder you from making logical and necessary changes. Also, try to ask yourself these questions: What grabs my attention when I first enter the room? Is it what I want buyers to notice? What is the focal point of this room? Can visitors move freely from one room to another without bumping into obstructions?

Generally, the idea is for buyers to see the selling points of your home. It helps if you start with a clean slate and move the furniture and items in one at a time, starting with the focal point. All the other items should be placed in consideration of that single item. Seek the help of your family and friends as this may take a long time if you do it alone.

7. Improve lighting

A bright and well-lit house is always preferable. It helps buyers see the features of your home and helps you present it to them in a more attractive way. Visit every room and check the bulbs. Replace old ones and consider using higher wattage. Open the windows and let natural light in as much as possible. Clear anything that would blocks the light. Lighting is an important consideration not just in staging but also during your home’s photoshoot. Choose the time of day when your house looks bright and well-lit.

8. Use fresh and clean curtains and bed covers

This is very simple. But never underestimate its effect. Picture this: A clean, well organized room, with pleasing colors and wonderful lighting. The the old and smelly curtains and bed covers ruin everything. If you have ready clean curtains and bed covers to use, then that is best. But if you don’t, it would be well worth it to invest in these things as they create such a huge difference on a room’s general appeal. Be sure to choose colors that blend well with the room.

9. Take care of the smell

Studies have proven that scents have an effect on a person’s decision to purchase things. We can apply this to home purchasing. You won’t want potential buyers to be turned off by unpleasant smells coming from the trash, pet food, bathrooms, or sink. Bring in a friend, since two noses are better than one. Locate sources of unpleasant smells and deal with those individually. Finally, try to make pleasant smells spread through the house. Studies have shown that the smell of brewed coffee, good food cooking or baking entice buyers the most.

10. Consider music

Since we have covered the looks and smell of your home, it’s time you pay attention to what you want visitors to hear. Have soothing music which is loud enough to hear in the background.  Music can help set the mood when showing your house. If possible, it is also nice to let natural sounds in like birds chirping or trees swaying. It is important to make the right choice on this. Again, hearing the opinion of friends and family won’t hurt.

We hope you find these 10 tips useful. Carefully evaluate what you have done so far to make your home more appealing. Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and determine what works well and what wouldn’t break your budget when staging your home. When you work with an experienced agent and follow these cheap home staging tips, your Lakeland Fl home for sale will surely sell faster that you expected.

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