Top 3 Cheapest Ways to Increase the Value of Your Lakeland Fl Home for Sale

Top 3 Cheapest Ways to Increase the Value of Your Lakeland Fl Home for Sale


Clean and bright Lakeland FL homes will sell faster

Clean and bright Lakeland FL homes will sell faster

Home buyers gravitate to homes that are clean and bright rather than to homes that need cleaning and are dark.  I recently showed homes here in Lakeland to an out of town buyer.  While all the homes were within their price range, homes that were clean and bright were chosen to be their top choices.

Every home seller wants to sell their home at a higher price. Every home buyer wants a beautiful, fresh looking home. But in reality, no one wants to spend tons of money on remodeling or renovating their home.  If you are planning to sell your Lakeland Fl home, you need to invest in making your home appealing. You also need to be careful with your spending so you don’t break your budget.

The good news is that there are actually ways to increase the value of your home without spending thousands and thousands of dollars. You can do this by following just 3 simple tips below.  You may be surprised by how your home might seem like it’s worth more than its original price:

1. Clean and Reorganize

The simplest trick is to keep your home clutter-free and organized. You would be surprised at how a weekend allotted just for cleaning and reorganizing things can transform your home from a messy old house to a fresh looking home.  Since we are used to how our homes look, we tend to overlook clutter and eye sores. To help you decide on which things to get rid of and which to keep, ask a friend or a close relative (who is more likely to give an honest, critical and objective opinion) to walk through your home and give you insight on how your home would look to a home buyer. When you have decided what to keep, organize things in neat boxes that you can easily store in your attic or garage. Get rid of old furniture and have a designated place for everything. When you’re done, deep clean rooms, walls and floors to remove dirt, stains, or unpleasant smells. After everything, you might be surprised at how your home’s appeal has changed.

2. Give your rooms and appliances a simple facelift

No need for expensive renovations. Try to inspect your home and look for little things that need revamping that you can do on your own. Little do-it-yourself projects can go a long way when trying to increase the value of your home. Do your kitchen cabinet handles need to be replaced? Go ahead and spend a few bucks on those door handles or paint. Spend an afternoon sprucing up your appliances.  Are you still using the old curtains you put up last month? Try to replace them with new ones to brighten up the room. Same goes for beddings and pillowcases. Make the most out of color combinations. Try to determine what will make your home feel light and fresh. Remember that you want buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. Give them enough room to be creative with their own dream interior design.

3. Light up your home

Light can make a tremendous difference in the ambiance of a home. If possible, let natural light in by clearing up things inside the house that would block its path. Sometimes moving stuff inside the house can do the trick. You want your house to be well lit when home buyers check it. Replacing dysfunctional or old bulbs with new, brighter ones can help a lot in this area. Get rid of light sources that are distracting or that would keep the buyers from seeing the natural color and great spaces inside your home. Show them how beautiful your home is and you might just get the value you want.

When you follow these inexpensive tips and at the same time work with a talented agent, increasing the value of your Lakeland Fl home for sale will be really easy.


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