Top 3 Tips to Sell Your Lakeland Fl Home In 2014

Top 3 Tips to Sell Your Lakeland Fl Home In 2014

Top 3 Tips Selling your Lakeland FL Home

The housing market has changed. Are you ready to sell your home?

If you are planning to list your Lakeland Fl home for sale in 2014, take note that there has been a change in buyer’s attitudes since the economic downturn. Buyers are savvier and take their time when selecting a home.

Most of today’s buyers belong to Generation Y, or the Millennials, who have grown up in a word of unlimited information via the internet. They love to search and research online. They love photographs and sharing.

To match these buyers needs, here are the top 3 tips to make you a smart home seller in 2014:

1. Take great photos of your Lakeland Fl home for sale.

Most buyers get their first impression of your home through the online listing. Never include photos that are too dark or rooms with the lights off or blinds closed. The worst thing you can do to kill your chances of a sale is to not include any photos of your online listing. If you have the extra cash, you could invest in a professional to take photos of your home. Make sure they do the photo shoot when lighting conditions are optimal. Prepare your home for the photo shoot by cleaning and staging it, as if you were preparing for an open house. Bad photos will turn off buyers and they won’t even bother going to view your home.

2. Get a home inspection.

If a buyer discovers damage or items that need repair in your home, you might be forced to reduce the price or offer credits so the buyer can have your home repaired. What could be worse is the buyer might walk away from the deal and look for another home in better condition. Once your home gets the reputation as a “home in need of repairs,” chances are it will stay on the market longer and you might need to make a few price cuts just to sell it. That’s why it’s important to invest in a professional pre-sales home inspection. If the inspection uncovers any problems that you cannot afford to repair, at least you can price the home accordingly and disclose this information to the buyer to avoid surprises and frustration.

3. Offer buyer incentives.

If you can give the buyer an earlier closing so they can move in right away, then give it to them. You can also offer buyer incentives like a one-year home warranty or a small credit for closing costs. These little incentives will go a long way in getting a faster and hassle-free closing.

To be a smart seller in 2014, you need to put yourself if the buyer’s shoes. Remember that these buyers survived  one of the biggest housing crises in history, making them more cautious than ever and more prone to use the internet to research about homes. Take these 3 tips seriously and you will be able to sell your Lakeland Fl home in no time.


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