Why a Lakeland FL Home For Sale By Owner is a Bad Idea

Why a Lakeland FL Home For Sale By Owner is a Bad Idea

Is a Lakeland Fl home for sale by owner a bad idea? The answer is – YES!

Lakeland  Fl real estate broker

Selling your home as For Sale By Owner may cost you more than hiring a real estate agent.

Most people think that DIY projects and tasks saves them money, but this is not always the case. Some DIY projects tend to end up a disaster, which costs more money to fix as well as more time to redo, not to mention the frustration it causes.

That is why there are professionals who are good at what they do, their role is to make things easier and faster.

This is true in real estate. If you plan to put your Lakeland Fl home for sale, make sure you work with an experienced Lakeland Florida real estate agent. Real estate transactions are complicated and it takes a lot of experience and knowledge about the market, neighborhood, marketing, pricing, negotiating, and staging to successfully close a deal.

Here are some reasons why selling your Lakeland Fl home for sale by yourself is a bad idea:

1. FSBO sellers usually price their Lakeland Fl homes for sale too high. Sellers often consider how much they still owe and work on a price from there. However, buyers don’t care how much the seller owes. Buyers compare values of Lakeland Fl homes for sale to other similar homes in the neighborhood. Listing a home for more than the price of comparable sales is a very big risk. Most of the time, overpriced homes get few or no showings at all. Once a Lakeland Fl home for sale stays on the market for too long, it becomes stale and buyers and their agents will be negotiating for price reductions, capitalizing on the seller’s frustration to sell.

2. Since they lack skills and knowledge in real estate, most FSBO homeowners fail to understand many aspects of the home selling process. hiring a seasoned Lakeland Fl real estate agent will give you an assurance that someone will always be there to answer your questions about selling your Lakeland Fl home. Real estate documents and contracts are getting more and more complicated these days, and if you attempt to do it by yourself, you put yourself at risk of making big and costly mistakes.

Selling a home in Lakeland Fl is a very big decision with a huge impact on the seller and his or her family. Even if you hire a Lakeland Fl agent, make sure you are still educated and aware of the process of selling a home. Working with an experienced Lakeland Fl real estate agent not only saves you time and money, but also gives you peace of mind as you proceed with the sale of your Lakeland Fl home.


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