Lakeland FL Sunflower Playground – A Jewel for Parents of Preschool Children

Lakeland FL Sunflower Playground – A Jewel for Parents of Preschool Children
If you have young children between the ages three to five years, one of the coolest playground in Lakeland FL is the Sunflower Playground in Lakeland FL.  I took the time recently and visited Lakeland FL Sunflower Park.  Not having children or grandchildren of 3 to 5 years of age, I wondered what Sunflower Park was all about.  Sunflower Preschool Playground is located at Barnett Park, which is located nearby Lake Mirror and Botanical Hollis Gardens.  The Barnett Park has a playground for older children but truly nothing for the little ones, making them feel left out when their parents brought them to play. 

Opened in the fall of 2010, Sunflower Preschool Playground was modeled after the successful Common Ground Playground located in Lakeland, FL on Edgewood Drive, which is still visited by thousands of kids and their parents of all abilities.

The Sunflower playground features brightly multicolored grass of orange, blue and yellow looks incredible and more importantly its cushioned safety surface is rated for fall heights up to 12 feet.  No collar bone breaking here falling of a swing or any other beautifully designed appropriate age equipment. 

As I strolled around with my camera in hand, I spoke to parents and grandparents who spoke highly of the playground and recommend it to everyone who has preschool children.  The neat thing about Sunflower playground is that it is fenced in so the children are free to roam around. As you watch your little one, you can at the same time keep an eye on your older children at the nearby playground while they climb, swing and play with other children. Having raised two children and being involved with my grandchildren, the Lakeland Sunflower playground is truly a jewel for parents of preschool children.

I was truly amazed at the construction, design and functionality of this beautiful playground. These kids that played at the time when I visited had really fun and were not bored at all.  

The Sunflower Preschool Playground is another reason why Lakeland is considered one of the best cities to raise children and why I consider it the “Great Place To Live”

Lakeland, FL Sunflower Preschool Playground is daily from 8:00 a.m. to dusk.  

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