A Bigger Lakeland Fl Home Doesn’t Always Mean Better

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A bigger house doesn’t always mean better

The saying “the bigger, the better” doesn’t always apply especially when it comes to owning a home in Lakeland Florida. Homeowners nowadays are wiser and more budget-conscious. Even if they can afford to buy big homes, most of the buyers choose homes with less square footage.

Smaller homes mean smaller energy bills, less cleaning and maintenance, and most of all, a smaller monthly mortgage.

A smaller home means more savings and more financial freedom for the homeowner to spend on other things like entertainment or travel. The smaller maintenance that comes with a smaller home also gives more time freedom to do the things they want.

According to some homeowners, they don’t want to be house poor. They would rather live in a smaller house and have the extra money to eat out, travel, enjoy life, and save. This is a big paradigm shift compared with the boom times when home buyers wanted bigger, more expensive homes.

Today’s economy, with unemployment rates still high, has been a big influence with how buyers are shifting towards getting more value for money and going for purchases that will give them more savings. So smaller houses in Lakeland are actually not a bad idea for those planning to buy in this area.

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