Choosing a Catering Service for Open House of Your Lakeland FL Home for Sale

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Choosing a Catering Service for your Open House – Lakeland FL

If you are expecting a modest to large crowd for the open house of your Lakeland FL home, it is best to hire a catering service to take care of your guests’ needs on this all-important day. This way, you and your agent will be completely free to focus on answering questions about the property and the area in

Catering services need not be expensive. There are many catering businesses nowadays which are home based and are thus in a better position to offer more affordable fees. When choosing a catering service provider to help you launch a successful open house for your Lakeland Florida home, be sure that you consider the essential factors listed below.


Most catering service providers have ready-made menus for you to choose from. Many of these menus are usually good for lunch and dinner, but they can usually provide you sample menus for breakfast and snacks if you wish. You can also order for a customized menu of your own if you wish. Just make sure that you are willing to pay extra for it.

Any Lakeland FL real estate agent will tell you that it’s best to have open houses well before or after the three main meals of the day. Serving lunch or dinner can be a demanding affair, as you’ll need to come up with enough seats to accommodate everyone. Serving heavy meals is also more expensive when you compare it to serving appetizers, cocktail snacks, or hors d’oeuvre.

When choosing the menu for your open house, check if drinks are included. Decide for yourself as well if you would be able to save more money if you were the one to prepare the drinks instead.

Taste Test

This is very important – and especially if it is your first time to work with a particular catering company. This should be done at least one week before the open house so that the appropriate changes may be made if necessary.

Waiting Staff

Most catering service providers include the service of waiting staff in their fees. If possible, ask if you can engage the waiting staff to hand out leaflets or flyers about your Lakeland FL home for sale while they serve guests food and drinks.


You typically have to make a down payment when you issue an order for their services. Full payment is made after their service has been completed during open house. Read your contract carefully before making any payment. One of the ways to a buyer’s heart is also through his or her stomach, and this is why having a good caterer is essential to selling your Lakeland FL home.

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