Holiday Selling Tips for Your Lakeland Fl Home

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Lakeland FL Home Selling During Holidays

Happy New Year! The holiday season is a very busy time with families traveling to visit relatives and friends, children coming home from school, and everyone just going through the holiday rush.

Lakeland Fl home sellers could find this a challenging time to make a sale, balancing their time for family gatherings, open houses, and showings.

Here are some tips to help you sell your Lakeland Fl home during this hectic holiday season, such as Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas:

1. Be flexible with your time. Remember that you aren’t the only one with a busy schedule this season. Your buyers also have limited time to view your home. If you are planning to sell within the  holidays, you should be flexible with your time. Your home should always be ready and available for showings.

2. Let other family members help. This would be the best time to let other family members host dinners or family gatherings to lessen your load and give you more time on your hands to take care of selling your Lakeland Fl home.

3. Plan activities for the family during home showings. Take the family out to dinner or a movie while your Lakeland Fl home is being shown. Or for a cheaper alternative, you could bring them out to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood or for some ice cream.

4. Keep your decorations modest. It isn’t a bad idea to decorate your home with Christmas trees and lights, but make sure to keep it tasteful and in moderation. Consider how your buyers will feel when they step inside you home. Will they find it overdone or tacky? If you aren’t sure, then you could check out home decor magazines to get an idea of what is tasteful and appropriate.

5. Take great photos of your home. Since you are competing with a number of other listings on websites and the MLS, great photos of your Lakeland Fl home will give you an edge. Buyers like to see how your home will look like throughout the seasons. Consider how your home will look like in photos during the wintertime. This could be challenging since the snow tends to make home photos a bit dreary and boring. Take time in planning on the best photo opportunities possible like the sun glistening across snowy banks. You could include that nice Christmas tree with bright lights in your living room photos.

6. Don’t forget to enjoy the holidays! Don’t let your desire to sell your home keep you from enjoying this season with your loved ones.

Keep your holiday stress at bay by talking to a Lakeland Fl agent to help you out with selling your home this season. Happy selling!

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