Lakeland Fl Homes for Baby Boomers: What Do They Want in A Home?

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What do Baby Boomers want in a home?

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the baby boomers’ (those born between 1946-1964) is the largest generation with a demographic of 76 million. Most of them don’t intend to settle in retirement homes and prefer to buy Lakeland Fl homes that continuously meet their needs as they age. Baby boomers are also more active and health-conscious than their predecessors so they want homes that offer more options and are technologically advanced. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that current home design trends cater to baby boomers.

Here are some of the top priorities that baby boomers look for and may want in a Lakeland Fl home:

1. Smaller Lakeland Fl homes with more efficient designs which are closer to work and entertainment spots.

2. Multiple generational Lakeland Fl homes where different generations of families can live together but still have their own private space as well as a place where they can all hang out together under one roof.

3. Homes with bedrooms downstairs. It’s a no brainer why baby boomers would prefer downstair bedrooms. If they are not using wheelchairs or canes now, they would still be considering a home that would meet their future needs as they age. If you have a room downstairs that is not being used as a main bedroom, consider rearranging it to showcase it as the main bedroom to give more appeal to baby boomers.

4. Energy efficient homes. Baby boomers want to reduce their energy bill so they can have more money to spend for other needs and wants.

5. More windows. Aging baby boomers prefer homes with more light coming in. So if you are targeting the baby boomer market, make sure to open your shades and curtains during showings to show them how bright and light your rooms are, especially in the bedroom, kitchen, and stairwells.

6. Home offices. Many baby boomers prefer to keep working even past retirement age. Most of them have jobs or hobbies that make home offices a necessity for them.

7. Media or Tech centers. These are also a hit not just for tech savvy baby boomers, but for other generations living with them as well. Make sure your Lakeland Fl home has updated wiring. A home with wireless home network systems, advanced alarm systems, remote control lighting, and other modern features are also a big plus.

8. Flexible space. This is probably the best selling point if you are planning to sell your Lakeland Fl home to a baby boomer. Flexible space means areas in your home could be switched to be used as a completely different room as they age. The more flexible space a home has, the bigger the chances are that baby boomers will stay in that home longer. If you have photos of your den in your home’s flyers, consider adding suggestions in the flyer that the den could also be turned into another room like a guest room.

The main thing you should remember in selling your Lakeland Fl home is to offer options and highlight your home’s features so your buyers could be able to see clearly your home’s advantages over other Lakeland Fl homes in the market.

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