Lakeland FL Homes for Sale |10 Quick Steps to Spruce Up Your Home

Lakeland FL Homes for Sale |10 Quick Steps to Spruce Up Your Home

We always say “first impression should be a lasting impression”. You do this when you job hunt and you have a interview with your future boss.  The same thing is true when selling your home in Lakeland FL.  Potential buyers are always impressed when I show them a home that is in showing condition to make the first impression a lasting one.

We are living in a busy world with jobs, kids and family finding it sometime hard to get the things done to make the home show ready.  Let me suggest 10 quick fixes to spruce up your Lakeland home that is very inexpensive and will make a lasting impression:

  1. The front door – buyers step through your front door, this is one of the first impression.  Change the door knob and give the door a fresh coat of paint; don’t forget to do the trim also.
  2. Trim bushes do they don’t block windows to let in the light – makes the room brighter
  3. Replace the outside light bulbs
  4. Replace worn out house numbers
  5. Keep your lawn mowed and edge around walkway, fence, flower bed and trees
  6. Make sure all rooms, including kitchen and bathrooms are clean, nice and tidy – make it a game for kids to keep their room cleaned.
  7. De-clutter your closets.  Hold a yard sale or donate.
  8. Touch up your baseboards with a fresh coat of paint
  9. Replace heavy curtains with sheer ones to let more natural light into the house
  10. Remove mixers and other kitchen tools you don’t use from your kitchen counter.
This is just part of the Lakeland FL Homeowner checklist.  Following these simple steps, will give the buyers a lasting impression.  There have been many times I’ve shown a home to buyers where I was told, “this homeowner could not even clean the house for our showing”.

I understand that it is difficult keeping your Lakeland home in “showing” condition all the time, especially with jobs, kids, pets and family. But remember, you only have to do it for a short time, because homes that are priced right and in showing condition sell quicker with shorter time on the market.  You do want to get top dollar?

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