Lakeland FL Homes for Sale – I Have Never Purchased a Home Before. Where do I start?

Lakeland FL Homes for Sale – I Have Never Purchased a Home Before. Where do I start?

Lakeland FL Homes for Sale - Where do I start?There are so many homes for sale in Lakeland FL, “I have never purchased a home before. Where do I start?” is the top question I’m being asked by the majority of first-time home buyers and even experienced home buyers who are beginning their Lakeland, Florida home search.

When it comes to buying a Lakeland, Florida home, especially for first-time home buyers, it can be very exciting and nerve-racking at the same time, there are many stories I can tell you, but first things first.

While there is still an abundance of houses for sale in Lakeland, FL, as a first-time home buyer or even as a repeat buyer you should ask yourself why you want to buy?  Are you planning to move to a new community because of a change in lifestyle or simply because buying is now an option and not a requirement?  Do you have a timeframe to purchase a home?  More importantly, do you have the money and are you ready?

Your main focus and your highest priority before you start searching communities, neighborhoods and specific areas should be to:

  • Eliminate as much debt as possible by carefully reviewing your budget.
    • Regularly review your personal finances.

  • Get your free credit report at – your once a year free credit report. Knowing your credit score can tremendously affect your interest rate you obtain for your mortgage.
  • Think about a downpayment and earnest money deposit when your time comes to make an offer.
  • Learn about the Lakeland, FL real estate market

This is only the beginning in buying a Lakeland, Florida home. To make your home buying process as smooth as possible, your next step should be to contact us. We will guide you, protect your interest and manage the details of your home purchase from start to finish to your complete satisfaction.

As my mission statement states

The client is king! Honesty, integrity and service encompasses my commitment for each and every client.  I offer each client the energy and commitment they deserve. I will never place my own interests above my clients. I will treat everyone who contacts me fairly, honestly and respectfully.

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