Pet-Friendly Remodeling Tips to Sell Your Lakeland Florida Home

Pet-Friendly Remodeling Tips to Sell Your Lakeland Florida Home

Now that you have a better idea of the crucial role that pets play in people’s lives, you probably understand as well why most people would also prefer to buy a house in Lakeland Florida that’s already designed to be pet-friendly. For many people, these renovations or add-ons are not just desirable but necessary instead. To start transforming your house into a pet-friendly home that homebuyers would instantly want to grab from your hands, here’s what you should do.

  • Stain-proof carpets, fabrics, and coverings – One of the most common complaints of people about pets is that they tend to leave stains everywhere. You can, however, prove that this won’t be a problem by making your house in Lakeland Florida stain-proof with the right choice of materials and designs for your carpets, curtains, coverings, and all other parts of your home that are made of fabrics.
  • Indoor pet recreational areas – Homeowners who love to have pets with them are naturally a soft touch whenever their pets are concerned. They would definitely love the idea of giving their pets a built-in indoor spa, retreat, or recreational area in their new home and at no extra cost at that! But don’t worry installing such changes in your house in Lakeland FL won’t be difficult. Just choose, add, or create a small room at the back. The doors should have pre-cut slots which pets may use for entering and leaving the room easily. You can then furnish your pet’s “boudoir” with luxurious amenities such as doggy showers, drinking fountains, automatic feeders, and the likes. Make sure that your pet’s doors are also lockable so that they won’t end up getting pet-napped or straying into your neighbors’ properties when you are unable to look after them.
  • “Hidden” litter boxes – Even pet owners have to agree that litter boxes are rarely a pretty sight and especially in the eyes of guests who don’t share their love for furry creatures. The best way to keep your house in Lakeland FL presentable to human visitors but at the same time comfortable for your pets is to keep litter boxes strategically hidden from view. One way of doing this is by creating private access holes or entryways for your cat and into a garage or even just a cabinet where its litter box is.
  • Platform beds and overlooks – Most pets occasionally enjoy a bird’s eye view of their kingdom, which is why it would also be a nice touch to add overlook features and platform beds to your house.
  • Storage benches – Last but not the least, keep your pets’ toys and supplies organized and out of view by storing them inside benches with removable seats and built-in storage areas.

Get to work on these tips and your house in Lakeland FL will sell in no time.

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