Pricing Your Lakeland FL Home To Sell

Pricing Your Lakeland FL Home To Sell

Price Your Lakeland FL Home to SellPricing your Lakeland FL home to sell is a major factor in the marketability of your home and key for a quick sale.  The most notorious mistake sellers make is setting the listing price too high when they list their home in Lakeland, FL for sale. Your overpriced home won’t sell, it may not even attract any showings, much less offers.
Buyers are scouting your home and your neighborhood the minute your home comes on the market.  Being represented by a smart buyer’s agent certainly will not help getting your overpriced Lakeland FL home sold. A buyer’s agent will present the buyer with comparable market analysis to establish an offer price.

While 10 quick steps to spruce up your Lakeland FL home are great when it comes to showing your home, pricing your Lakeland FL Homes for Sale competitively is the key ingredient to get your home in front of ready and able buyers and sold faster.

With over 65% of Lakeland FL homes being sold as foreclosure or short sales, traditional home sellers must be willing to compete with distressed housing market.  When it comes to selling your home in Lakeland FL, comments like the ones here below will simply not work:

  • I can drop the price later
  • You know that buyers are offering less anyways.
  • I want to see what happens first.
  • The house next to me is listed for a much higher price
  • My house looks better than the house down the street.

Overpriced Lakeland FL homes that are listed with Real Estate agents for sale stand a minimal chance of being sold.  What happens is that some of these agents take any listing they can get their hands on and may even promise you they would get it sold.  In fact, your Lakeland FL home will stay on the market because the agent failed to provide you with comparable market analysis.  Other sellers do their own market research and end up choosing the wrong price against the advice of their Realtor®.

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