Sell Your House in Lakeland FL Even When There’s Little Activity in the Market

Sell Your House in Lakeland FL Even When There’s Little Activity in the Market

Just because you don’t have the nicest and newest home in Lakeland FL does not mean you won’t be able to sell it. In fact, you can even sell it in spite of slow market sales in your area. That is, it can be done if you consider the tips below.

Make it easy for buyers and their agents to view your home.
Give your agent enough authorization to present your home even when you are not around. You should also make sure that you have your contact information available in every listing you post for your home. This way, buyers and agents know how, when, and where to contact you if they wish for a tour of your house in Lakeland Florida.

Remember that agents want to earn, too.
In other words, give your own real estate agent an incentive to go the extra mile and sell your house in Lakeland FL – especially if all others have given up on it. Find out what the average percentage of commission paid to selling agents is. Perhaps offering a selling bonus to the buyer’s agent may entice buyer’s agent to bring out prospective buyers.

Do what you can to get the word out.
Just because you have a real estate agent working to sell your home in Lakeland Florida does not mean you should totally rely on your agent and do nothing at all. If you are truly in a hurry to sell your home, then it would not hurt to do a little bit of marketing as well. Don’t think that this would mean your agent is going to enjoy a free ride. He or she is not. You will still need your agent to help you entertain prospective buyers, negotiate the price, and get paperwork done.

As for marketing your home, here are some things you can do easily and effectively.

  • Tweet about your home and use the appropriate hash tags.
  • Post it on your wall and look for local Facebook pages that feature homes for sale in Lakeland Florida.
  • Talk about it on your blog and look for other blogs where you can talk about your home as well.
  • Keep posting photos of your home. Be sure they are the nice shots and consider adding effects with the use of applications like Instagram.
  • Take advantage of free ads offered by websites like

With these tips and other home selling tips, there is no doubt your home in Lakeland FL will attract more attention of buyers than other properties in the area.

If you are in need to sell your house in Lakeland FL or in surrounding cities, such as Bartow, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Mulberry, Polk City call Petra Norris at 863-619-6918, for a free consultation.

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