Should You Buy a Green Home in Lakeland FL?

Should You Buy a Green Home in Lakeland FL?

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What to consider when buying a “Green” Home in Lakeland FL

“Green” is one of the latest buzz words to circulate in the real estate industry. Having heard it being used over and over again, you are probably wondering yourself if it is worth buying a green house in Lakeland Florida. If so, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Houses for sale in Lakeland FL don’t always have to be sold at a higher price just because they are green.

There’s a popular misconception that green homes for sale are rightfully more expensive, but that’s onlytrue to a certain extent. Green homes are rightfully more expensive than usual if and only if previous homeowners had invested in actual green technology, design and décor, and furniture and fixtures. An example of this would be installed and functioning solar panels or solar-powered heating systems, heating and cooling, appliances, and much more to have a “Green Certification”.

Homes for sale in Lakeland Florida cannot, however, be described and sold as green just because theyhave lots of windows and let natural light come in. It’s certainly not reason enough to give them an expensive price tag. An existing “Green” Home must be certified by the NAHB (National Green Building Certification) in order to be sold as a “Green Home”

Will you be comfortable living in a home in Lakeland FL that purely relies on alternative energy?

There are compromises here that you need to know about. Some green homes for sale rely 100% on alternative energy, which is great for the environment but what if something goes wrong with your solar panels? Are you willing to live for a day or even a week without power until your panels are repaired?

When buying a green home, it is best to look for those that are still connected with the power grid. In the event that something goes wrong with your solar panels or whatever type of alternative energy you are using, you can rely on electricity while it’s being repaired.

It has to be comfortable.

If you are looking for a green Lakeland house for sale, do remember that being green isn’t all there is tomaking a beautiful home. Sure, your conscience would remain clear and perhaps your pockets wouldremain filled because of reduced power costs. But will your future green home be comfortable to live in,too?

No matter what type of house for sale you want, look at the property and try to imagine if you will be comfortable living in it and if it can indeed suit your needs. Does it have enough rooms? Is there enoughspace for parking? Is it located near your place of work or your children’s schools?

With these tips, you will be able to decide on not just a green Lakeland house for sale but a home where you can enjoy a happily-ever-after with your family as well.

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