Should You Buy an Old Home in Lakeland Florida?

Should You Buy an Old Home in Lakeland Florida?

Lakeland FL Homes for SaleThere are pros and cons to consider when buying an old or used home in Lakeland Florida – especially when it has been around for more than forty years.

Pros of Buying an Old house in Lakeland FL

  • Everything is larger. Land was much cheaper in those days and as such, most homeowners could afford to purchase larger lots, build bigger houses, have bigger yards and have everything “bigger” in general. Newly built mansions are a different category, though. They may be just as big, but their price tags definitely reflect their sizes, too. It’s the opposite with larger and older homes.
  • Old school can be nicer, and they last longer, too. Older homes in Lakeland Florida that boast of “old world” construction are usually characterized by high-quality materials, precise attention to detail, and the kind of design that only the most skilled artisans and experienced architects can accomplish. And since they have lasted this long, you can be sure that these properties aren’t the kind that the first blast of wind could blow away.
  • Older homes have more character. Sleek is nice when you are probably looking for a hot sports car to impress your date or when you are driving your girlfriend to prom, but in a house character is seen in older and classical designs like Greek Revivals, Victorians, Colonials, and Tudors. These architectural styles are, however, rarely seen in newer homes.
  • You get the bonus of a close-knit neighborhood. Older homes – especially ancestral ones – usually come with the extra benefit of long-term neighbors. After all, their properties are likely to be as old and maybe inherited as well. Everybody in the area knows each other, and there’s comfort in that. Soon, you will be one of them, too.
  • There’s comfort in what’s familiar. Older homes in Lakeland Florida tend to be located in areas where zoning laws have long been established and are unlikely to change.
  • Be closer to nature. Having trees, flowers, and plants around you were more of a priority in the old days and it’s what you want for your home then an older Lakeland FL house for sale is indeed more suitable for your needs. If you take a look at today’s market of brand new homes for sale, very little of them come with built-in gardens.
  • Enjoy living closer to downtown. One of the upsides of buying an older house is that it usually comes with a great location and at a reasonable price, too. You rarely get that with brand new homes for sale as well.

In our next article, learn why buying an older home in Lakeland Florida has its drawbacks, too.


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  1. would love to buy land and own it for modular home future

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