Tips For Selling Your Lakeland Fl Home in A Buyer’s Market

Lakeland FL Homes for SaleTips For Selling Your Lakeland Fl Home in A Buyer’s Market

When it’s a buyer’s market, that means owners of Lakeland Fl homes for sale should be flexible with their terms such as asking price, closing dates, date of move-in, appliances, storage, points, fees, and even things like window treatments.

A seller should be open for negotiation and not let their emotions stand in the way of a good deal.

Here are some basic guidelines to help you sell your Lakeland Fl home in a buyer’s market.

1. Make a good first impression by improving your Lakeland Fl home for sale’s curb appeal. Your exterior as well as interiors should be checked, maintained, repaired, repainted, and improvements or updates should be done if necessary.

2. Attend other open houses in your neighborhood to see how your home compares to others and also to see how sell-ready homes look like.

3. Don’t dismiss low-ball offers. Instead, negotiate with the buyer. Consider giving buyer incentives to help them meet your asking price like offering to shoulder closing costs, loan origination fee, or moving costs. You may also consider offering a limited home warranty which will cover appliances and HVAC systems for a specific time period.

4. Be cautious of offers that are contingent on the buyer selling their old home first. Their home may not be in the same buyer’s market as yours and you may be in for a longer wait. Make sure that the offer includes a contingency-release clause that allows you to exit the deal and sell to another qualified buyer.

5. Work closely with your Lakeland Fl agent to find ways on how to close the deal successfully. The purchase price is just the icing on the cake. Everything that will make your home stand out from the rest of the other Lakeland Fl homes for sale will give you an edge in a buyer’s market.


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