Tips For Storing Your Valuables When Selling Your Lakeland FL Home

Please Put Your Valuables Away – Tips To Store Valuables When Selling Your Home

At the time of a listing appointment with a Lakeland FL homeowner, I make it a point to talk about where to put their valuables because I recently witnessed first hand, how uncomfortable it is when the police asked me that at one of my showing a valuable piece came up missing.  Not so pleasant when it is under my watch.

Loss Prevention

As real estate agents, we are not responsible for any loss that occurs during our listing agreement to sell your Lakeland home. My advise to homeowners is to remove all valuables. Here are a few tips storing your valuables when selling your home:
Store your valuablesOutside storage unit – declutter comes to mind when putting you house up for sale. Why not rent a storage unit, put your valuables in a box and lock it up in a storage unit.
Out of sight, out of mind – this is the least expensive way to keep valuables away from sticky fingers.  I’m sure you have a secret hiding spot in your house where you can store and lock up valuable items out of sight.
Safe deposit box – this is recommended for jewelry, collections such as coins and stamps.
Store valuables with family and friends for safe keeping – If you have family and friends you trust, you may ask them to keep your valuables while you are selling your house.

Just remember where you put your valuables.  Recently, on of my homeowner called fanatically saying they are missing some collectible items and asking if the home was shown recently.  I said, let me check since it is on a Electronic Lock Box and I can see who, when and what time was the home shown. I’ve told the homeowner, that the home has been shown by this many agents at such time and days.  However, it was not shown recently.  So, I asked the homeowner if they stowed their valuable items at the time I placed their home on the market.  Luckily, when the homeowner called me back, they were excited that they found the pieces and they had remembered putting the items out of sight, where it became out of mind and forgot about it.

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