When Is It the Best Time to Buy a House in Lakeland Florida?

Strictly speaking, any time can be the best time to buy a house in Lakeland FL. But strategically speaking, there are indeed two important dates to keep in mind if you want to avoid competition and protracted procedures for getting the paperwork done to buy a house.

Easter Sunday

Lakeland Fl real estate brokerSpring is the season for buying and selling homes not just in Lakeland Florida but just about any place in the country as well. For homebuyers this means having more places to choose from, but it also means having to content with more bids. There is, however, one day in the entire season that you can enjoy a radically different experience from everyone else and that’s during Easter Sunday.

With most homebuyers – and their agents – busy with their respective Easter vacations, you will have an easier time viewing homes for sale in Lakeland FL. This is the best day to close a deal as well since you are unlikely to face stiff competition while doing so.

If you are thinking of inking the deal on an Easter Sunday then remember the following tips:

Easter Sunday is the most important and celebrated Sunday for Christians. If you are thinking of buying a house from a Christian owner, it would do you well to inform the latter of your intention ahead of time. This way, an agent or representative of the owner may be around to assist you if the homeowner himself is occupied on this date.  Easter falls between March 22 & April 25.

Christmas Day

For most agents, the best day to buy or sell a house ironically falls on one of the last days of the year – Christmas to be exact. Whereas Easter mostly affects Christians, Christmas Day is one of those rare holidays in the year that affects just about everybody. Certainly, you will find even the most dedicated real estate agents and the keenest homebuyers forgoing the chance to house-hunt on this day.

But you can be different and you will reap rewards for it when you do.

There is zero competition to be worried about during Christmas Day, but that’s not the only reason why you should try to close the deal and buy a house in Lakeland FL on this occasion.

People are in a happy and celebratory mood, and they are eager to give others more reasons to celebrate. For you, that means having a house to buy – even if you can’t literally move into it right away. People are more generous about pricing and may be inclined to further lower their asking price if you ask nicely.  Based on past studies, real estate prices tend to be at a 12-month low once December rolls in.  Homeowners who are serious about selling their properties in Lakeland FL are usually the ones as well who have their homes listed even during Christmas.

Just a note to yourself!  Remember these are just two days of the best time to buy a home in Lakeland Florida.  You still have 363 days left that are still good times to purchase your next home.  All you have to do is to click on the search for Lakeland FL homes right here below to find your next dream home.

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